Welcome to the ONE Revolution

"I am here to change the world and I am not alone"

What is ONE Revolution (ONE-R)?

ONE Revolution Foundation is a "deep change" catalyst focusing on the non-profit sector in South Africa

We make use of a combination of systems-thinking, positive psychology and organisational development to trigger, nurture and sustain multi-faceted and deep change in the non-profit (NPO) sector. Our initial pilot emphasis will be on the companion animal welfare sector.

Why the NPO sector?

As the fastest growing sector in the world, the NPO sector represents the heartbeat of transformative engagement and change within communities and society. This is the melting pot where the challenges of our planet, the animals and humanity intersect. In striving to "change the world" for the better, the NPO sector represents the nucleus of that quest. However, despite the critical role of NPO's worldwide, the NPO sector is often under-resourced and under-developed given its philanthropic orientation and the lack of access to sustainable funding. As a result, the sector is often under-performing in relation to the vast need and demand of the socio-economic plights of a modern world. Here, at the apex of humanity's struggle with itself, is where ONE Revolution strives to make its contribution.

Where are we now?

ONE-R is currently in a start-up phase and we will reveal more of our strategic model and projects as we unfold.

How do we approach challenges?

ONE-R draws on international and national research, diverse networks, collective competencies, digital innovation and a wellspring of passion to help support a better world and a healthier humanity.

Why is our pilot focus on Companion Animal Welfare?

Animal welfare is, more often than not, relegated to the bottom of national priorities in the wake of human welfare needs. Companion animal welfare, manifested in the plight of the animals that humanity has chosen to tame, arguably even more so. This is a welfare arena that needs attention and serves as a challenging and pioneering context in which to build and refine our operating model. ONE-R aims to partner with, and enable all non-profit sectors in the future.

What will we do in 2019?

This is the year in which we source start-up funding and unveil our core offering within the companion animal welfare sub-sector in South Africa. Stemming from this first step, additional components of ONE-R will be unveiled in a staggered manner - these will delve into a variety of research, education and advocacy projects. The ONE-R research focus will remain fixed on governance, donor investment, donor empowerment, digital innovation, organisational development and the education of our society.

How can you participate in, and benefit from, our initial focus on Companion Animal Welfare?

The ONE-R proposition for the companion animal welfare sector strives to add value at different levels of society.


Shelters carry enormous burdens for society with minimal support or recognition beyond a core team of dedicated supporters. ONE-R assists shelters to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their operations, grow the skills-base of their team, improve the organisational environment that supports their work and provides research and data to help shelters to innovate within the limits of resource constraints. This will help shelters to attract more funding and support for their mission.

Donors and sponsors

Individuals and organisations face numerous obstacles when it comes to identifying worthy causes to donate resources to, or to sponsor credible efforts linked to their brand development or corporate social responsibility. As a result, they may be overwhelmed by the volume and desperation of the requests, and make poor investment decisions. These can range from traditionalist, conservative support which excludes high-potential, new shelters, and reinforces stagnation and underperformance in the sector, to impulsive donor decisions which lead to reputational risk or brand damage to the investor, ultimately leading to donor fatigue and confusion and a complete exit from engagement with the sector.

ONE Revolution provides neutral and objective data and performance information to educate donors and sponsors so that they can make evidence-based decisions about where and how to channel their support. ONE-R eases and ‘de-risks’ the donor and sponsor interface with shelters, and offers a better and more impactful experience for both parties. Ultimately, this should yield greater long-term impact for the entire sector.


As the pace of a modern world accelerates, society stands on a tipping point - never before have we had the means to do so much within the world, and never before have we been so at risk of destroying ourselves and the natural world in which we live.

As much as we are seeing an increased desire to get involved in the world, we are also witnessing an increased push to withdraw and isolate ourselves from all of the pressures. Furthermore, as much as we are seeing communities standing up and becoming forces for good, we are also witnessing an escalation of crime, abuse, greed and exploitation. The future direction of the Earth is manifested in the decisions and choices made by generations now. As we teeter along the precipice of light and darkness, society is in need of powerful, informative and inspiring channels of education, advocacy, volunteerism and engagement.

ONE-R provides an integrated means of harnessing the talents and resources of government, corporations, non-profit organisations and individuals in order to truly create "Our New Earth".